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July 6th 2016

September 24th 2016

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Une exposition de Sacha Haillote

Prolongation jusqu'au Samedi 24 Septembre 2016

Opening on Tuesday, July 5th from 6:30 pm to 10 pm
Exhibition from July, 6th to July, 30th 2015
Tuesday - Saturday   11 am - 7 pm

Press release

ADDICT Galerie & Laetitia Hecht continues her programmation at the whim of her very favourites and invites today Sacha Haillote.

Energize spaces, that’s precisely the talent of this interior designer, formed at Camondo. Sacha Haillote has a knack for deflecting objects, vitamize spaces, scripting the everyday. Curious of others, she gets her inspiration from artist like Julian Schnabel, Martin Parr and so many others to imagine the first emergences of her projects. The wide colour pallet she unfolds finds its balance through her taste for simple mediums, warm and contrasted. Every detail is processed with a special attention.  The sceneries she creates each carry an authentic and original atmosphere.

Year after year, Sacha Haillote applied to collect images and objects, asking herself how to give those accumulations. She developed a curiosity for the aesthetic of industrial objects, for which she likes to discern similitudes and experiment their combinations to create work of art

Challenged by the aerodynamic forms and the multiples colours that can take the building pegs she gives life to a character that marked her childhood: Goldorak.

Then is born a series of works, reflecting the nostalgia for a time when she admired the superpower, the dynamism and the invincible nature of that colourful alien robot.

Thus most of her work interrogates the notion of icon, not as a testimony of faith for a divine power, but as the testimony of an admiration for the men and mostly women that surrounds her. These last are glorified for their courage, their personalities, their character traits and their assertiveness in our society.  

Though her works she often interrogates what is played out in the relationships between men and women, and what it reveals of complementarity and influence on the identity.

ADDICT Galerie will present “AKKU”, an exposition of Sacha Haillote from the 5th of July until the 30th of July 2016


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